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the most influential, strongest pattern enterprise with the most advanced technology and largest size in the fields of PCB's designing, cloning and proto manufacturing etc.
We have solved many key technical problems that most companies in the same trade could not. We have served a lot of famous enterprises and research institutions.
It will be because of the companies like ours that the gap in technological advantages between made in China and made abroad will narrow down.
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   ·SMT Operating Corner
   ·SMT Factories
   ·Equipment List
   ·Quality System
PCB factory
   ·Production Equipment
   ·Production Capacity
   ·Technological Capacity

   ·Production Flow

The development of products
Goal The compatibility of products
full reliability
product design
management methods

testing program for product compatibility
testing program for reliability
Design gate setup
issue tracking system
Design guide setup
engineering cooperation


thinking about guidance comments
product evaluation test
Design gate review activity
using feedback and correcting measures

vendors management
Goal products of high quality
management methods

survey for new vendors
QC system
audit for new materials
the quality agreement of vendors


audit for new vendors
quality report of assessing before shipments
IQC report
ensure to SCAR effectively
yearly audit for vendors
convene quality meeting regularly
Planned Supplier On-site Audits & Training

Pilot Run of factory
analyzing the defects of products
management methods
Pilot Run Preparation
Pre-pilot run gate meeting
Pilot Objectives
Post-pilot run review meeting
check and confirm the information of new product
make SOP
Design & fabricate jigs & fixtures
Pre-pilot run gate meeting
collection, analysis and report of data
check and confirm the parameter of programs
training for operators and technicians
convene meeting of comments

Mass production
Goal yield maximum
compatible quality
management methods Factory-wide FIFO Contro l
antistatic environmental management
prevention and maintenance
proof of fault
continuously improving system

the accounting method of first-in first-out
the implementation of 5S
audit for antistatic environment
planned prevention and maintenance
project of fault proving
skill training
prior project inspection
the collection, analysis and report of data
quality meeting

After-sales service and technical support
Goal real-time support for customers
management methods

Field reaction & recovery
technical support system
rework policy

measures Rework rapidly
sentinel support
8D forms
technical support form
global technology network
technical information and training
direct transmission of information
DOA and the collection, analysis and report of rework data
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