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the most influential, strongest pattern enterprise with the most advanced technology and largest size in the fields of PCB's designing, cloning and proto manufacturing etc.
We have solved many key technical problems that most companies in the same trade could not. We have served a lot of famous enterprises and research institutions.
It will be because of the companies like ours that the gap in technological advantages between made in China and made abroad will narrow down.
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      DragonMen PCBwork room was founded in 2000. DragonMen (Shenzhen) PCBwork room and DragonMen (Beijing) PCBwork room are its subsidiary companies. It is directly under the supervision of Beijing DragonMen computer application research institution which is the technology development organization of Beijing DragonMen computer system engineering company limited. The function of the research institution is to fulfill all development and research tasks of our company. The institution has a group of professional engineers with more than ten years experiences in computer software and hardware. They possess good professional background and resources of working in several research institutions for many years such as: Motorola laboratory, Chinese academy of sciences, Hitachi research centre in China, Bell laboratories and Microsoft research etc. For more than ten years, for the one hand, we have been concentrating on the designing and development of hardware, software and drive and have accumulated a great deal of practical experience in the fields of product development, OEM/ODM processing and functional test; for the other hand, we have been concentrating on the latest development of information technology both at home and abroad, the technical research of new product, quality control and the full-scale construction of scientific development and have accumulated a great deal of practical experience in such fields as:  the technical research of IT product and its function modules, the technical analysis and realization, the research of core technology and the reversed engineering etc.

     The workroom in Shenzhen (prototype manufacturing centre) is located at HuaqiangBei commercial centre in downtown of FUTIAN district which is the largest and most professional, famous business centre of electronic components; The workroom in Beijing (Beijing research & development headquarters) is located in zhongguan village, Beijing High-tech Industrial Park, Haidian district, Beijing city, which is usually called “silicon valley of China”. Beijing DragonMen computer application research institution has gathered a group of degreed engineers with great practical experience assigned to the above two workrooms, of the group the number of engineers who took PCB projects is more than 100. Relying on the strength of technological research of Beijing DragonMen computer application research institution and on the united, capable personnel, we have established long-term cooperative relations with our customers including the enterprises, the professional research institutions and the Army institutions etc from both at home and abroad.

     DragonMen PCBwork room was set up to facilitate the electronic companies to research and produce the product with their own intellectual property rights, and to provide all kinds of electronic companies and institutions of research and development with the technical services of efficient, professional, legal technology development, product manufacturing research and subsidiary development. DragonMen (Shenzhen) PCBwork room( DragonMen (Beijing) PCBwork room) has rich experience in such fields as: technology research, technology analysis, function realization, research on core technology and reversed engineering in the software or hardware products of IT. It is the most experienced PCBwork room in our country and is professionally engaged in cloning of electronic products and technology analysis and research after cloning. It also is a work room to help develop the function modules with intellectual property rights and evade the intellectual property rights such as: patent and copyright etc. and optimize more advanced electronic product in the same kind with its legal copyright.

     At present we can provide many services, such as: 1. Technical services: PCB design from single-sided, double-sided to 28 layers , SI analysis, EMC designing, PCB cloning, PCB changing, design of schematic diagram, BOM making, PCB production, prototype manufacturing, technique debugging, processing for finished product in small quantities or in larger,  function testing of product etc. 2. Developing services: development in application software, system software, embedded system software, hardware design, hardware drive programs.

     We have extremely thorough knowledge about cloning and functional analysis of almost all electronic products in the world and have all kinds of professional measuring instruments and testing equipments for product. Furthermore, we have built technology security. The technology information database, in which all information of more than 39,000 products from cloning and developing has been reserved, has been in regular updating. In addition, we have a deeper understanding than others of layout and routing rules of hi-tech PCB with laser via, blind via and buried via. No matter what boards they are, from the computer motherboards, the top VGA boards and the boards for gigabit network facilities all with thick components, micro strips and same-length strips throughout, to PHS motherboards, cell phone motherboards and wireless LAN and other wireless equipments all with demanding high-frequency processing and strict control of the electromagnetic compatibility, even to the IPC motherboards of 28 layers laminated with blind holes and buried holes throughout, we will be able to provide many services including board cloning, making schematic diagram which will be as same as the original one, changing diagram, developing new prototype and technology debugging, all based on a good prototype with complete components that the customer provides. Furthermore, we will be able to produce PCB’s electronic documents according to the correct schematic diagram that the customer provides. With the information from both PCB drawing and schematic diagram, we will be able to produce prototype. We also can develop the product that customer needs according to its functional requirements and actual use, including the second development for function improvement and technology optimization of the existing products.

     We have recently paid particular attention to these following fields and are able to provide services of cloning, designing optimization of IT products and developing the product with independent intellectual property rights in these following fields : Video processing and multimedia communications, Signal processing and analysis in wireless communications, Information hiding and information security, Communications and signal processing, Coding modulation of image and voice and mobile communications, Network and computer communication systems, Network protocols and software engineering, Network resource management and task dispatching, Quality of network service and transmission control, Distributed information systems, computer supported cooperative work, Intelligent signal processing of the system of communication and radar, Intelligent transportation system and modern automotive technology, Intelligent optimization and advanced control technology, Modern detection and fault diagnosis and forecasting in processing industry, Simulation and virtual manufacturing, Fault-tolerant control of complex dynamic system, New embedded software and hardware engineering and technology, All kinds of tools for developing, debugging and testing , The embedded system software, middleware and application software etc

     We always take it as our purpose that being the most professional PCBwork room in China in the new century; take it as our management and administration principles that technology first, market first, credit first and service first; take it as our business philosophy that customer’s need and satisfaction are the soul of our business; take it as our business spirit that honesty, dedication, devotion, perseverance and perfection; take it as our goal that providing first-class services and creating a enterprise with a history of more than 100 years; take it as our business culture that talent is a primary productive force. With constant improvement, innovation and accumulation in reverse engineering based on market demand and with taking modern enterprise system as our guiding principle, we will work hard and strive to become a dazzling star enterprise in the 21st century.

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