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the most influential, strongest pattern enterprise with the most advanced technology and largest size in the fields of PCB's designing, cloning and proto manufacturing etc.
We have solved many key technical problems that most companies in the same trade could not. We have served a lot of famous enterprises and research institutions.
It will be because of the companies like ours that the gap in technological advantages between made in China and made abroad will narrow down.
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      DragonMen PCBwork room founded in 2000 is engaged in such PCB services as technology developing, PCB designing, PCB copying for electronic products. We have a professional team with great experience in production, function testing and production management. We provide specialized services of processing with supplied material and OEM or ODM production for various samples and for electronic products of small or middle quantities. We mainly serve both the institutions and companies of scientific development and production in these following fields, such as: telecommunication, medical, aerospace, computer etc. We will ensure the accuracy and quality of welding with many advanced equipments, such as: the advanced automatic and multifunctional Mounter of the latest series from abroad, which can mount the patch components including 0201 and the ultra-high-precision chips with feet in 0.3 mm such as: QFP, BGA etc; the imported hot air reflow oven with seven temperature zones; the automatic double-waved soldering with spray and no cleaning; the automatic printer machine.
      We take it as our business philosophy that we are determined to make progress, exploration and innovation; quality first and efficient service. Our purpose of service is that we serve for the sake of our customers and we pursue speed with high quality together. We provide you with tailor-made services.

High-speed SMT processing service --Quality and speed--

1.High-speed SMT processing of prototype
    For such processing in the stage of researching and developing as: SMT processing with supplied samples, Welding processing with single BGA supplied and whole SMT processing, normally we will deliver in one day with the amount ranged from 1 to 100.( the delivery time depends on the complexity of the specific printed circuit board.)

2.SMT processing of small quantities
    It prepares for the mass production after the researching and developing of product are finished. It is the first time for trial production of the SMT processing with supplied samples and the production with supplied material with the amount ranged from 101 to 1000, including the welding processing with single BGA supplied and the SMT processing of whole board. The delivery time is usually 3-5 workdays. (The delivery time depends on the complexity of the specific printed circuit board.)

3.The SMT processing and production of middle quantities
We provide high speed production for the products which require speed and of the amount of each batch ranged from 1001 to 5000. And we provide the production with supplied materials as well, including welding processing with single BGA supplied and whole SMT processing. The delivery time is 5-7 workdays usually. (The delivery time depends on the complexity of the specific printed circuit board.)

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