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the most influential, strongest pattern enterprise with the most advanced technology and largest size in the fields of PCB's designing, cloning and proto manufacturing etc.
We have solved many key technical problems that most companies in the same trade could not. We have served a lot of famous enterprises and research institutions.
It will be because of the companies like ours that the gap in technological advantages between made in China and made abroad will narrow down.
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      DragonMen PCBwork room is professionally engaged in the development and research of the PCB business and is under the supervision of Beijing DragonMen computer application institution. There are more than 10 related research and manufacturing sections: the department of PCB designing, the department of PCB copying, the department of technology measuring and debugging, purchasing department, the department of OEM/ODM processing, the room for the development of system software and the room for application system etc. DragonMen PCBwork room is the most powerful and influential workroom with its following businesses: multilayer PCB design, PCB copy, software developing, prototype debugging and manufacturing, unit production and mass production , testing. It can undertake the design business of 1-28 layers PCB quickly. PCBwork rooms in Beijing and Shenzhen possess more than 100 software and hardware engineers with many years experience in technology development and PCB design .Whatever they are two-sided boards, multilayer boards or high frequency boards, we can provide the following services: PCB copy, PCB changing, schematic diagram designing, PCB layout, BOM list making , prototype manufacturing(including debugging), the batch processing of finished product, technical support, quality assurance of PCB production, according to the requirements of our customers. Therefore, it will save your cost for the development and drawing design, and in the mean time, it will help you fulfill these items: purchasing the scarce components, replacement of the devices with compatible function, the design for signal source and testing frame etc.

      We have pledged ourselves to provide convenient and efficient services with high product quality, low price and perfect, timely technical support. Moreover, you are always welcome to negotiate business with us by letter, by call, or visiting our company. If you want to know more, please visit our web site or contact us by letter, call or visit our company.

The advantages in PCB design

   Design for manufacture  (DFM、DFT、DFA)
   High Density, B/B PCB design
   Thermal consideration in PCB design
   Optimization of design process
   New design methodology or technology
   PCB stack-up optimal design
   Simulation & analysis of Signal Integrity
   Board-level EMC design
   Board-level Power Integrity analysis
   The application of SI analysis in practical PCB product design
   PCB design project for a certain product
   Power handling skills in PCB design
   PCB design in teamwork
   Practical function & application of EDA software
   The software of design and simulation for new product
   The design of the board with IC package
   PCB design with Cost consideration

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