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the most influential, strongest pattern enterprise with the most advanced technology and largest size in the fields of PCB's designing, cloning and proto manufacturing etc.
We have solved many key technical problems that most companies in the same trade could not. We have served a lot of famous enterprises and research institutions.
It will be because of the companies like ours that the gap in technological advantages between made in China and made abroad will narrow down.
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No.1  The successful projects of multilayer mobile phone board
No.2  the successful projects of multilayer computer motherboard
No.3  A corner of the exhibition of results in Shenzhen workroom
No.4  The results of multilayer PCB design
No.5 the display of hot succe-ssful cases

The display of popular successful cases involved with PCB design

Consumption products:  financial POS series, self-help terminal series, IC card machinery series, tax-control series.
Communication products:  Ethernet switches, routers, cell phone GSM/GPRS wireless communication series.
Computer products: computer motherboard, all sorts of IPC motherboard.

1. cell phone motherboard

    Connections routed: 1433
    Layer number: 8 layers with blind, buried holes
   Software: POWERPCB 5.0

2.  computer motherboard

     Connections routed: 4499
     Layer number: 4 layers
     Software: Allegro 14.2

3. IPC motherboard

    Connections routed: 4168
    Layer number: 12 layers

    Software: POWERPCB5.0

5. consumption machinery series:

    Product appearance


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