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   DragonMen PCBwork room was founded in 2000. DragonMen (Shenzhen) PCBwork room and DragonMen (Beijing) PCBwork room are its subsidiary companies. It is directly under the supervision of Beijing DragonMen computer application research institution which is the technology development organization of Beijing DragonMen computer system engineering company limited. The function of the research institution is to fulfill all development and research tasks of our company. The institution has a group of professional engineers with more than ten years experiences in computer software and hardware. They possess good professionalbackground and resources of working in several research institutions for many years such as: Motorola laboratory, Chinese academy of sciences......             More... PCBwork ROOM
Successful Projects
  Multilayer mobile phone board
  Multilayer computer mother-board
  The design results of multi-layer PCB
  Exhibitions of results in Shen-zhen workroom
  Show of some popular succ-essful projects
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We have adopted the combination of the most advanced scanning technology and software technology to clone single, multilayer PCB and complicated PCB with all kinds of buried and blind via. The accuracy of the circuit will be 100 percent ensured and the popular documentation in PCB designing software form will be generated. PCBwork rooms in Beijing and Shenzhen possess more than 100 software and hardware engineers with many years experience in technology develop-ment and PCB design .Whatever they are two-sided boards, multilayer boards or high frequency boards, we can provide the following services: PCB changing, schematic diagram designing, PCB lay-out, BOM list making , technical support etc.

At present, our major business areas include: MCU decryption, specialized IC decryption, PLD decryp-tion, CPLD decryption, SCM developing, software and hardware design of embedded system, design for chips, hardware system design, software system design and software decryption etc. 1. To understand the customer's requirements
2. To provide the positive and professional recommendations.
3. To research and develop formally
4. Prototype manufacturing and testing
5. Finalizing design and batch production
     For such processing in the stage of researching and developing as: SMT processing with supplied samples, Welding processing with single BGA supplied and whole SMT processing.
      It prepares for the mass production after the researching and developing of product are finished.
      We provide high speed production for the products which require speed and of the amount of each batch ranged from 1001 to 5000. And we provide the production with supplied materials as well
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